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Rajasthan’s beautiful Pink City Jaipur, was the stronghold of a clan of rulers whose three hill forts and series of palaces in the city are important attractions.
Known as the Pink City because the pink colour stones used exclusively in the whole city, Jaipur’s Bazaars (market) sell embroidered leather shoes, blue pottery, tie and dye scarves and other exotic wares.
Western Rajasthan itself forms a convenient circuit, in the heart of the Thar desert which has shaped its history, lifestyles and architecture.
Founded in 1727 AD by Sawai Jaisingh II, Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan is popularly known as the Pink City with broad avenues and spacious gardens and the Historical Buildings painted into Pink Color. Pink City , Jaipur is the  capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur is steeped in history and culture. Here the past comes alive in magnificent forts and palaces, blushed pink historical buildings, where once lived the Maharajas.
The bustling bazaars of Jaipur, famous for Rajasthani jewellery, fabric and shoes, possess a timeless quality and are surely a treasure-trove for the shoppers. This fascinating city with its romantic charm takes you to an epoch of royalty and tradition.
Jaipur has much to offer visitors — everything from pageants and festivals to extraordinarily clad people, a wealth of handicrafts, a royal legacy of palaces, and sightseeing — that will occupy their time. However, should the visitors simply choose to walk around the streets of the old city instead, they will not regret it. All of Jaipur is an architectural gem, and no scheduled sight seeing can even hope to do justice to this rare city.
Jaipur has inherited history of its powerful rulers in form of magnificent monuments gloriously standing till date all across the city. It narrates to whole world great legends through its stunning forts, majestic palaces, pristine temples and museums. Historical places of Jaipur are really worth visiting. This post will provide you information on Jaipur historical places.

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